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Design, Finance & Construction

Pro Sports Consulting provides strategic guidance for the design, financing and construction of sports and entertainment facilities to parties in both the private and public sector.

Pro Sports Consulting serves as an advisor to public and private ownership entities for any and all design, financing and construction activities relate to sports and entertainment projects including:

Creation of the Design, Finance and Legal Team

Pro Sports Consulting can identify, interview and assist in the hiring of financial advisors, architects, contractors, cost estimators, market research professionals, feasibility study consultants, sales and marketing professionals and attorneys to enhance the success of any sports and entertainment facility, university athletic department or professional sports team. Pro Sports Consulting has decades of experience with these and other professionals who are necessary to make your project a success.

Development of the Project Plan of Finance

Pro Sports Consulting has great experience in designing projects, creating their cost and a plan of finance for that project, soliciting financial support for the project and assisting ownership in obtaining the requisite public approvals for the project along with its plan of finance.

Pro Sports Consulting assists in the development of computer models of the plan of finance including simulated sources and uses of funds, operating budgets, debt structuring, cash flow analyses, coverage ratio analyses, and other related uses of funds. These models can then be used for numerous activities including: internal decision-making, solicitation of equity, solicitation of financings, debt placements, negotiations with vendors or suppliers and public presentations.

Determination and Management of the Development and Operating Budgets

Pro Sports Consulting works with architects, contractors and their estimators to determine realistic costs for your project. We are then able to consult with the finance team to create development and operating budgets which can be used to support plans of finance and ongoing operational budgeting.

Pro Sports Consulting has extensive operational experience in all aspects of development and operations revenue and expense forecasting for numerous college and professional sports and entertainment facilities. We will examine and include projections for revenues from various streams like events, attendance, premium seating, sponsorship, ticket sales, naming rights, rentals, food service, merchandise sales and parking. We will also project expected costs like staffing, utilities, overhead, debt service, repairs and maintenance and capital expenditures.

Oversight of Design and Construction

Throughout the design and construction process Pro Sports Consulting can provide guidance and oversight to ensure the project is concluded “on time and on budget” as well as suggesting enhancements to improve revenue generation or cost savings in both construction and operations.

Other Related Services

Pro Sports Consulting can provide other guidance, strategy, technical assistance and related services to successfully gain public approval and conclude a projects design, financing, construction and operation.

Some of those we have worked with who have benefited these services include:

  • Arizona State University
  • DeRito Partners
  • Harris County-Houston Sports Authority
  • Houston Aeros
  • Houston Texans
  • Mandalay Sports
  • Portland Trail Blazers/ Rose Garden Arena
  • Schlegel Sports
  • Southwest Arena Ventures/Arena Operating Company
  • Tacoma Rainiers
  • University of Texas
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