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Negotiation Services

Pro Sports Consulting provides team owners and sports facilities owners complete Negotiation Services intended to ensure long term success for both tenants and facilities. Pro Sports Consulting’s principal has personally negotiated scores of leases, facility management agreements, rental agreements and other realted documents. Pro Sports Consulting also negotiates all other material agreements necessary for the success of franchises, facilities and related tenants.

Pro Sports Consulting has negotiated all sorts of sports and facility related agreements including:

  • Sports Team Leases
  • Short and Long Term Tenant Agreements
  • Facility Operating Agreements
  • TV, Cable, Radio and Other Media Rights Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Food Service Agreements
  • Retail and Online Merchandise Sales Agreements
  • Concert Agreements
  • Naming Rights Agreements
  • Team and Facility Ticketing Agreements
  • Ticket Sales Agency Agreements
  • Sponsorship Sales Agency Agreements
  • Sponsorship and Signage Agreements
  • Suite and Premium Seating Agreements
  • Vendor Service Agreements
  • Pourage and Serving Agreements
  • Parking Agreements
  • FF&E Contracts

Pro Sports Consulting has often served as the lead negotiator individually or as part of a team. We consider all parties interests in an effort to meet the needs of teams, tenants and the related facilities. These negotiations may take place in person, via telephone, in writing or conferencing technology. Pro Sports Consulting can also serve as an advisor to provide clients with insights as to another party’s needs, industry standards or necessary business terms required in a document.

In all phases of the negotiation process, Pro Sports Consulting ensures all ownership, financial, and legal representatives are satisfactorily involved in the process and the ultimate agreement. We generally negotiate a short form term sheet which is later reduced to a long form contract. Throughout this process, from beginning to end, we advise the principal party of all industry standards, upcoming changes in the industry, potential risks and rewards and any necessary language needed to ensure the owner’s long term success. We also advise on, and negotiate all related agreements to those listed above.

Below is a list of those we have worked with who have benefitted from our Negotiation Services:

  • Arizona State University
  • The Gorge Games
  • Houston Aeros
  • Houston Rockets
  • Houston Texans
  • Iowa Chops
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Providence Health Care
  • Schlegel Sports
  • Southwest Arena Ventures
  • Tacoma Rainiers
  • Texas Southern University
  • The University of Texas
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